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Tour Information

Format of the Tour

18th Hole, Tullymore G.C.

The Michigan Players Tour has been designed to be identical to other professional developmental tours. Prize money will generated from entry fees and sponsorship, with 33% of the field receiving a check in each event. Prize money payouts in each event are equivalent to those on other tours with the same number of players.

Tournaments will be held only on the top public courses and resorts in the state. Events will be either 18 or 36 holes, with most events scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Tee times into each event will be posted on the web site and available over the phone. Please click on the Navigation bar on the left side of this page or call the Tour office to obtain tee times.

The Tour requires a modest membership fee in order to compete and enter tournaments. Please see the Membership page for more information and the fees required.

In general, both the Men's and Women's Divisions events will be conducted simultaneously on the same courses, unless field sizes become very large. Exceptions will occur during off-weeks for the Michigan Open and the Michigan Women's Open.

For detailed information about each event, go to the Schedule page, and click on the event you want information about.

To enter events, please go to the Registration page.

Event Status

Players wishing to participate in Tour events should keep an eye on the Event Status page of the Tour web site, as this page is regularly updated in the days leading up to each event, and is the portal to all of the entries, weather forecasts, and specific nformation regarding the event and the course.

To get to the Event Status page, please click on the button below --

How To Enter Michigan Players Tour Events

Players desiring to enter events on the Tour must first obtain a membership to the Tour. This can be done by calling the Tour office and paying by credit card, or it can be paid by cash or check before teeing off in the first event.

Players may enter Tour events in two different ways:

1. Click on the Enter Events button below or on the Tour Registration page, and fill out the required information in the email that is generated. Send the email by the deadline, and the Tour will add your name to the field.

Once the Tour receives an entry email, the Tour will reply to the email with a Paypal invoice, and players can pay the entry fee(s) for the event(s) they desire to enter.

2. Call the Tour office and enter by phone before the deadline. The Tour will obtain the required contact information and take credit card information. The phone number ot the Tour office is


The Tour accepts the following credit cards. There is no additional charge for using a credit card to enter events.

Tour Newsletter

To check out the latest Newsletter published by the Michigan Players Tour, please click on the button below.

Tour Publications

To obtain PDF copies of various publications from the Michigan Players Tour, please click on the links below.

2016 MPT Flyer

2016 MPT Brochure

Tour Rules and Regulations

Additional Information

For additional information about the Michigan Players Tour, including a list of the Goals of the Tour, please click the following button:

Navigating This Web Site

The Tour web site is easy to navigate. For current news, the Tour schedule, event information, tee times, results, and other information regarding the day to day operation of the Tour, please click the appropriate button on the Navigation Bar on the left side of each page.

For specific information about Michigan Players Tour Rules and Regulations -- i.e., membership policy, tournament format, entry fees, and other information regarding the policies of the Tour -- please click on the Regulations button. From there, links to specific topics are easily accessible.

If you have trouble finding anything om the site, please refer to the Site Map.

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For additional information on setting your browser to run scripts on this web site, click here.

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