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Tour Will Now Conduct All Events On Weekends

Change Will Allow More Players To Compete

March 25, 2017

18th Hole, Coyote Preserve G.C.

In keeping with its original vision of making tournaments accessible to as many players as possible, the Michigan Players Tour has decided to schedule all of its events on weekend afternoons.

This is a major policy shift for the Tour, which from its inception has conducted events almost exclusively on week days, and in particular, Mondays.

The reason for scheduling events on Mondays was to attract numerous PGA Section club professionals to compete, who for the most part are required to work on the weekends, and generally have Mondays off. And indeed, over the years, quite a few club pros did come out and compete on Tour.

But during the past two seasons, the Tour did not receive any entries from PGA members, as the Michigan Section has a very robust competitive schedule for its members, so this prompted a change in the policy.

Another reason to conduct events on Mondays was to take advantage of lower greens fees, as week day rates at most courses are lower than on the weekends, and this allowed the Tour to maximize the purse in its events.

But since the vast majority of golfers have normal jobs with Saturdays and Sundays off, it only makes sense for the Tour to accomodate those players.

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