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Tour Announces Major Policy Changes For 2017

March 19, 2017

18th Hole, Tullymore G.C.
The Michigan Players Tour has announced several major changes that will be instituted during the 2017 season.

These changes are as follows --

• All tournaments during the 2017 season will be conducted on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Entry fees will increase marginally to cover higher rates at courses on weekends.

• The Tour will institute a modest membership fee to secure and guarantee participation.

• The Tour will institute, and enforce, a strict deadline to enter events

• The Tour will require entry fees to be paid fully in advance by the deadline.

By instituting these changes, the Tour hopes to dramatically increase participation among amateurs and unaffiliated professionals, many of whom hold regular jobs.

However, by moving all events to the weekends, this means the Tour will be paying more to secure tee times, and because courses cannot afford to have blocks of tee times unused, this new policy requires the Tour to impose a strict deadline, with payment up front, in order to provide courses adequate notice of participation. In general, the deadline will be set at 10 pm Sunday evening, the week before.

In addition, due to the many "no shows" at events during past seasons, the Tour will now require a modest membership fee in order to compete, as this fee serves as an "investment" by the player to guarantee they appear in events, and can also help the Tour gauge the level of participation well in advance, and thus revise tee times at the courses accordingly.

The Tour will release additional details in the coming days. Of course, the Tour welcomes all comments and / or criticisms of these policies, as the Tour exists for the benefit and development of its players.

As of this writing, the Tour is currently setting up the 2017 schedule.

Tour Championship To Move To Tullymore G.C.

Fabled Layout Hasn't Been Used On Tour Since 2010

March 25, 2016

10th Hole, Tullymore G.C.

The Michigan Players Tour has confirmed that the Michigan Players Tour Championship (MPTC), which since the inception of the Tour has been held at Hawk Hollow Resort (Eagle Eye G.C.), will now be staged at the spectacular Tullymore Golf Resort (Tullymore G.C.) in Stanwood.

Tullymore G.C. is one of Michigan's most incredible courses. Designed by architect Jim Engh, it was awarded "Number 1 New Upscale Golf Course in America" by Golf Digest in 2002, and is currently the site of the Tullymore Classic on the Symetra Tour, which is the LPGA Tour's developmental tour.

The MPTC will be conducted on Sunday, September 24, with tee times beginning at noon.

For additional details of the MPTC, please go to the Schedule page, and click on the name of the event. This will take you to the Event Information page, which contains the specifics.

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